Do you need to hire a technical co-founder for your startup?

You’ve got a fantastic idea for a product. You think it’s going to change the world, and you believe in your business acumen and abilities to ensure it comes to fruition.

However, you’ve also recognised that whilst our skillset will bring in the sales and drive the marketing — you need somebody to handle the technical side of things.

One of the biggest hurdles of a founder is understanding that you can’t do everything at once. Partly because there are not enough hours in the day, but partly because you likely don’t have the skills to build an MVP if your skills are non-technical.

Many founders fall into hiring freelance developers to take on the technical work. However, without somebody with a technical background overseeing product development, you’re unlikely to build a successful product.

The best way to ensure you’re building the most viable, optimised product in your market, is by hiring a technical co-founder.

A co-founder is somebody with the same innovation and drive as you — they’re entrepreneurs, they want to see the business succeed, and they also have the skills that you need to bring your product to life. You’re likely to see your product progress further in three months with a technical co-founder than in the six months prior to hiring them, because you’re not spreading yourself too thin.

If you don’t know anybody first-hand who fits the bill, you’re left with the challenge of finding somebody, building a relationship with them, and building your product. The best way to do this is by hiring them as an employee beforehand, even if you know that further down the line, you’re hoping to offer them the position of co-founder.

A CTO is a highly desirable position for developers and those with technical skills to take on. Ultimately, the shots will still be down to you, which is why one of the biggest pros of a co-founder is alleviating the pressure. However, whilst you build your rapport with your new hire, you could position them as a CTO to demonstrate their skill set and how it will complement your owe long-term.

I have previously written an article on the advantages of having a co-founder in your first product-based business, which covers the more general reasons having a co-founder will benefit your startup.

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Alex Weekes is a Digital Product Manager, Associate Lecturer, and Startup Consultant working with some of the world's most innovative startups and technologies.

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